Remembering spring

Today was sunny, after so much rain here.  And warm, although we have a couple chilly nights coming up.  It’s still winter, but if you ignore the official calendar, today was the start of spring.  It was like deja vu to last year – all of a sudden I remembered how tired my feet were at the the end of the day, how thirsty I got, how excited I am to see the buds and leaves coming out, and how fully the dog falls asleep after dinner.

I did my favorite job of the entire year – potting up tomatoes plants.  Fortunately, I’m only half done so I get to do the rest in a day or two.  Something about their smell and the prettiness of the leaves and their enthusiast growth rate makes them my favorite seedlings to deal with.  I may have planted them a bit too early this year, but it will be a strong motivation to get the field ready and have an early start to summer.

Everything outside is still too muddy to dig, but with a few days of sun we should be able to plant some perennials out and mow some pathways.  The cover crop is shooting up every day.  And, right on time, the almond is starting to bloom….which means we got engaged a year ago.  This spring should be calmer without a wedding to plan, but hopefully the year will be just as wonderful as the last one!