A running record of the larger projects we’re working on.

February 13 to July 9, 2016:  Planned a homegrown, hand made wedding.  Lots of work, but with lots of help and an awesome party at the end.  We are married!

June 20, 2016: Walk-in cooler assembled.  I found this on Craigslist months ago and it sat and sat until we cleared a spot, had cement poured, and got an amazing group of friends to come up and pour their hearts into a crazy building day.  Later in the summer, we got the AC and coolbot working and now have loads of space for food storage.

January, 2016: Bought a 2010 45hp New Holland tractor.  Since then, the implement parking lot has grown steadily and we can pretty much do everything we need to in the field.

October, 2015: Took a vacation. Nice break after a hot, busy summer and the stress and headaches of having our home burglarized.  Also got the tractor back together.

August, 2015: Installed corner posts for deer fence and completed hanging the south side.  There is a lot of hand-mixed cement in those post holes.

July….  Disassembling and hopefully fixing the Ferguson tractor.  We’re down to the block and discussing what to do next.  Really, this started earlier with removing the front loader and hydraulic system.

June 6, 2015: Host our friends’ wedding!

May-July, 2015: Irrigation system to the field.  We trenched and laid 3″ PVC to the entire field and ran power to the new pump, shed, and greenhouse.  Epic.

April, 2015: Planted berries.  We used an auger to loosen the dirt 4′ deep for them.  In the long run, I’m sure they’ll love that, but they also sank in as it settled.  Doing well with the drip watering though.

Feb, 2015: Deer fence, part 1.  High tension wire and deer fence made it from the front of the house around to the orchard, until we ran out of trees to hang it from.  Part 2 will complete the fence around the perimeter with tall metal fence posts.

Dec-Jan, 2015: Hoophouse construction.  The floor has weedblock fabric and gravel to keep it clean and neat. The 10′ height makes it feel spacious and open.  The roll up sides with bird netting are venting well.  It even has a peace sign folding door.  After 1 spring and summer of use, I love my hoophouse.

Sept-Oct, 2014: Had the pond dug.  It filled from rain over the winter, but leaks badly down to a very low level.   The dog still loves playing in it though.

June, 2014: Move in!


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