1st year, 1st blog post

There are so many milestones and anniversaries that can be celebrated, and the yearly cycles seem even stronger to me now that I spend so much time outside.  But the one that seems especially meaningful right now is that Jeff and I first saw our farm property one year ago.


We had been looking at property, both online and in person, for a few months, and had thrown around all sorts of wildly different possibilities.  We spent a lot of evenings online, finding crazy looking places all over the West, and lunch breaks driving around with our real estate agent.  It was all very exciting and fun.


This place was intriguing from the beginning with its unusual photos, and we had no idea what to expect when we walked in.  It had the quirkiness we wanted, none of the cookie-cutter, more garage space than we could have hoped for, and a large, flat, south-facing open field.  I was pretty hooked from the start.


The reason this is an interesting anniversary to me is that it was far from a done deal on that day and is only of huge significance in retrospect.  It was about 6 educational months later that we moved in for good.   Apparently we are the only people our agent has ever worked with who checked the soil quality online ahead of time and rented an excavator to check it ourselves before buying.  I learned a lot and felt more comfortable with the deal as we got to know the place and its owner through the process.


So here I am a year later, happily sharing a home, out of the city, away from office life, sitting by my wood stove, tired from digging and re-potting plants, and pretty happy that I have more useful things to do tomorrow than I can possibly get done.



I hope you follow along as Plum Possum Farm grows and evolves.  Thanks for your support!